Vital carafes

Efficacy by using geometry and symbols - Handmade artwork from premium glass.

Cup and dinking glass

Strengthening of the biological value using the rule of the "golden section" and the Flower-of-Life. Returns elemental force and clarity to every glass


More precious products by Nature's Design and TC energy design.

Nature's Design - Power of form creating life

The uniqueness of Natures Design and TC energy design glassware arises from the conscious use of forms which are in harmony with the principle of the natural world. Based on the golden ratio, the Fibonacci numbers and the Flower-of-Life.

Inspired by the scientific research of Masaru Emoto who has found different structures of water by taking pictures of the water crystals our fascination came up to design elegant, close to nature, and helpful products of quality for everyday use – and for the well-being of the body, the mind, and the soul.

The inherent power and harmony of this approach to design is reflected in the many satisfied customers who have been using TC energy design glassware for over 12 years. Laboratory tests showed exhilarant and stabilising biological effects of the human body. As our body consists around 70% of water (Babies over 80%) the gain of our well-being is obvious.


The spring The best water for human health is fresh spring water.
The stress Even the best Spring water looses vitality and energy when it is moved through pipes and other forms of water processing.
The remedy The design of TC glassware revitalizes weakened, processed water from any source. Other liquids, such as juices and wine, are also improved in taste and biological vitality when held in TC glassware.

Video about the extraordinary characteristics of water. (Source: Youtube)