Chakras and Banners

Unique Artworks made of fabric for in- and outdoor. Good for illuminating rooms, supporting body work and decorating a place or an event. Supplied with top and bottom hanging pockets.

Image Mandalas

All of these creations are a result of an inner journey throughout meditation. From knowledge the calling came to blend sacred geometry out of various traditions. Inspired by those cultural symbols the style and harmony was found and bring the creations in tune with a universal consciousness.


More unique Luminaya creations for your pleasure. Easy to carry in everyday life.


Uplifting vibration through ancient and modern wisdom


The journey is still unfolding, the inquiry still continues but…
We have a passion for feeling nice, for finding things that uplift us and support us in all dimensions. We love the charge of love and passion, the polarities and the paradoxes in life. We love to lift the vibration of a place, party, event, collective or thought.

You might call us seekers of the truth, explorers beyond the matrix or basically the feel good junkies. On our meeting light color met sound, art and visual representation met vibration. What brought us together, you might say synchronicity or you might say destiny.

We are two fish who had both been swimming in different directions; we both find great pleasure in sensory delights and love music, the esoteric, art, nature and ancient wisdoms.
Energy, Light, color, sound – ensonicment to enlightenment

Inspiring video to get an impression of the Luminaya artworks. (Source: Youtube)